Collections And Recovery with Altara.

We prioritize our partners' problems, saving their companies from shutting down. At Altara, we practice what we preach, avoiding the common pitfall of overpromising and underdelivering.

Our Service Coverage

We have developed the ability to collect from a wide range of borrowers by using a combination of technology and manual processes to ensure successful repayment. Our operational reach extends to the South-Western region of Nigeria, including Oyo, Ogun, and Kwara, and we are continuously expanding. Unlike many other providers in the market, we have a strong presence in this region.

Formal employees are within our coverage
Salaried Workers
Traders, contractors and other informal employees
Non-salaried Workers
We cater for big businesses too
Medium sized enterprises
Micro enterprises are not left out
Small (and Micro) enterprises

Altara Debt Recovery

At Altara, we comprehend the difficulties involved in operating a credit business in Nigeria. Many lenders are compelled to handle the entire range of services, from origination to payment tracking, in order to provide credit in Nigeria. This dilutes their focus and adds unnecessary distractions to their core lending operations.

Who We Are?

We aim to simplify our clients' operations by providing them with our core services of collections and recovery. Over the last five years, we have gained significant expertise in the repayment aspect of our business. Initially, we developed our capabilities for our own loan book, and now we are extending the same service to other lenders.

Assist clients with customers and guarantors follow-up


We have used our developed technology and collections protocol to reduce our default rate to 3%, which is 7 times better than the average fintech industry.


Includes Fintech and Microfinance banks


We operate on NO COLLECTIONS NO FEE principle.